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Rolling applications are now open!

Applications are


Don’t delay applying to the many free, high-quality school options for your students — regardless of their age or ability. The rolling application window closes July 31.

Fill out a quick, easy, and one-time application for high quality schools in Baton Rouge!

What is EnrollBR?

Enroll Baton Rouge (EnrollBR) is a common application process that pairs all children with a great education at a school that is the perfect fit for their learning style and interests. Through EnrollBR, families can find and apply to multiple free high-quality schools through one easy platform.

Looking for a new school to attend? Or are you new to Baton Rouge? Submit a common application through EnrollBR. One application enables you to apply to multiple schools in 10 minutes or less. Plus, you only have to complete the application once!

Please do not submit an application if you are satisfied with your child’s current school and would like for them to return to that school next year. Instead, contact your child’s school to learn how to register for the next school year.

EnrollBR is a project of local nonprofit New Schools for Baton Rouge. Our mission is to empower you to find a school that meets your family’s needs.

Students taking tests quietly.

EnrollBR’s goal is for every family to easily apply and enroll in a school of their choice that fits their student’s one-of-a-kind needs. The application process ensures that all children have fair access to a great education. EnrollBR is the first step in the right direction of empowering all families with choice and all students with great schools.

Why Charter Schools?

How does it work?

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Create A Family Profile
Step 2
Select Schools
Step 3
Review Your Results
Step 4
Submit Registration

While EnrollBR breaks down enrollment barriers for students and families, we recognize that as a community we still have much to do to ensure that ALL children have fair access to an excellent education at the school of their choice.

Through EnrollBR, families are empowered to choose the best learning environment for their children. Families complete one application, which can be used to apply to as many schools as you choose. Schools accept students based on availability.

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