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My daughter, Quintasia, attends GEO Next Generation High School. One of the things I love most about the school is that the staff pushes you to be better. They believe in you and that makes a difference when you're looking for a school...I’m from St. Tammany Parish and my daughter would not have had the same opportunities if they were not GEO students. It makes me proud to know that she will be graduating with her Associate Degree.


Parent, GEO Next Generation High School

I love Helix Aviation because of our students. We have a great culture here between our teachers and our students. They love us. They come here everyday prepared and ready to learn.

Ms. Gotch

Teacher, Helix Aviation Academy

This school is amazing for students. It is so fun because you have extra classes like P.E., art, and dance. When you go to lunch they have good food, and the staff is so nice to you. School is a fun place to learn, and I get to do this with all my friends.


Student, Lanier Elementary School

We have super fantastic administrators, lovely [students], and wonderful coworkers. It’s a nice environment not only to teach but to learn.

Ms. Li

Teacher, Helix Aviation Academy

I have been at this school since kindergarten and now I am in the 5th grade. This school has a lot of activities for me and for families. We have dances, movie nights, and other activities. I am so happy that we are able to take dance class because that is my favorite. For Halloween, we went trick-or-treating; we dressed up as a class in costumes and went down the halls to get candy.


Student, Dalton Elementary School

As a parent, I love the family dynamic that this school has to offer. There are great teachers and the rest of the staff is also wonderful. My daughter has been able to learn a lot at this school.


Parent, Dalton Elementary School

I have had a great experience with Dalton. The staff and the administration here are extremely helpful and nice. My daughter has learned so much; the smaller setting is great for her. Everyone is always greeting me with care and are extremely considerate. The staff here really take in consideration the needs of the children. I really look at Dalton as a family. My next two kids will definitely be coming to Redesign Schools Louisiana.


Parent, Dalton Elementary School

My favorite part about 5th grade is ELA and social studies. I am learning a lot in her classes. Ms. Guy, my math and science teacher, is also a great teacher. I am able to learn a lot in those classes.


Student, Lanier Elementary School

As a concerned parent, my son came from a school where he was having several behavioral and academic issues. I quickly found out how involved, caring, and professional the principal and staff are at the school. He loves Mr. Johnson, one of his teachers, and I am happy that he has a good role model to look up to. The school always calls me and assures me that he is doing well. Anything that I have a concern about, they are there to help from beginning to end, and they always follow through with what I need. I am extremely excited to see how much he will continue to improve in the upper grades.


Parent, Glen Oaks Middle School

The best part about working at Collegiate Baton Rouge is our mission, which is to empower students to graduate from college and become learners and leaders… We celebrate diversity, we celebrate differences, and we lead with education and love.

Ms. Robinson

Administrator, Collegiate Baton Rouge

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