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What is EnrollBR?

Enroll Baton Rouge (EnrollBR) is a common application process created to ensure that all children have fair access to an excellent education, through the ease of a centralized application system. Our goal is to empower parents and families with school choice by informing them of the options available so that they can select a school that will meet the needs of their child(ren). This system can be accessed both electronically and through a limited number of paper applications.

You should submit a common application through EnrollBR if you are applying for the first time, or if you would like to apply to a new school next year. Do NOT submit an application if you are satisfied with your child’s current school and would like for them to return to that school next year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Baton Rouge schools a part of the EnrollBR common application system, including private, magnet, and East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools?
I'm looking for Pre-K programs in the city. Can I apply to those programs through EnrollBR?
Once I've submitted the application electronically, how will I know that the submission is successful?
What happens after I submit the common application? When will I be notified of my child's acceptance?
What happens after I receive my application results?
Are students selected on a first come, first served basis?
What materials do I need to apply?
Can I apply to schools directly?
If I want to change schools, will my current school be notified that I am submitting an application?
I want to stay at my current school. Do I need to apply?
I missed the first deadline. Can I still apply?
Do I have to apply to a certain number of schools?
I already submitted my application, but my information or school preference have changed. Can I edit my application?
If I list more school choices, will that decrease my chances of getting into my top choice?
Who decides which school my child is assigned to?
If I get offered a seat at one of the EnrollBR Schools, can I still choose to return to my district school?
If I get offered and accept a seat at one EnrollBR school, will I forfeit my seat at other EnrollBR schools to which I applied?
Is my child guaranteed a spot at the school their siblings attend?
My child has special needs. How do I know if a school can accommodate them?
How does the EnrollBR Common Application differ from OneApp in New Orleans?