Frequently Asked Questions & Glossary

Browse our frequently asked questions (FAQs) and use our glossary to better understand the words used when talking about school choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

EnrollBR & School Choice

What is Enroll Baton Rouge?
Does EnrollBR cost money for families to use?
What is a charter school?
Are all Baton Rouge schools part of the common application system?

Applying to Schools

Can I apply to Pre-K programs through EnrollBR?
Do I have to apply online?
How do I know that my application submission was successful?
When will I be notified about the status of my child’s application?

Application Results, Offers, & Enrollment

How can I check on the status of my child’s application?
My child has been waitlisted. What does that mean?
What happens after I receive my application results?
Once an offer of enrollment has been extended, how do I claim my child’s seat?
Are students selected on a first come, first-served basis?
If I list more school choices, will that decrease my chances of getting into my top choice?
If I get offered a seat at one of the EnrollBR schools, can I still choose to return to my district school?
If I get offered and accept a seat at one EnrollBR school, will I give up my seat at other EnrollBR schools I applied to?
Is my child guaranteed a spot at the school their siblings attend?
My child has special needs. How do I know if a school can accommodate them?

EnrollBR & School Choice

What information do I need before I apply?
Can I apply to schools directly?
If I want to change schools, will my current school be notified that I am submitting an application elsewhere?
I want to stay at my current school. Should I submit an application through EnrollBR?
I missed the first deadline? Can I still apply?
Do I have to apply to a certain number of schools?

Family Profile

My contact information has changed. Will this affect communication regarding my child’s application?
I already submitted my application, but my information or school preference has changed. Can I edit my application?

EnrollBR Management & Policies

Who manages the EnrollBR system?
How does the EnrollBR application differ from OneApp in New Orleans?
What do you do with the information I provide you?


Academic Alternative School

A school that offers a non-traditional educational program.


Refers to the act of submitting an application showing interest in a specific school.


A special education program designed for students with autism.

District School

A public school within a specific district; not a charter school.

Dyslexia-Specific Education

A special education program designed for students with dyslexia.


These stand for English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Language Learner (ELL), which are programs for students who are not native English speakers.


This means your student has been officially admitted to the school and has begun attending classes.

Full-Inclusion Special Education

A special education program that places students with disabilities in regular classrooms with support.


This stands for Individualized Education Program, which is a plan created for students with disabilities to outline their special educational needs and goals.

Offer Extended

This refers to an offer of admission to a school from the school(s) you applied to.

Public Charter School

Publicly funded schools that can perform differently from the traditional public school system and district schools.


To officially sign up for a school. Usually, it happens at the school’s location.


Represents students who have been placed on a waiting list for admission to the school.

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