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8716 Siegen Ln, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

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Our Mission

The mission of Kenilworth Science and Technology Academy is to create a safe, healthy, and student-centered learning environment that cultivates the knowledge, skills, and competencies in computer science necessary for academic excellence, STEM careers, and character development.

About Us

Kenilworth Science & Technology School is a tuition-free public charter school with a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies. We empower students and families to be lifelong learners and impactful citizens in their local and global communities. KST Tigers devote ourselves to our communities. We believe in accountability. We respect ourselves and each other. We strive for excellence daily.

Kenilworth Science and Technology Academy’s vision is to prepare students for high school, college, and competitive career opportunities through an innovative approach, computer science education for all, and a challenging STEM-focused curriculum with the goal of empowering students to become productive and responsible citizens.

Kenilworth and COVID-19

At Kenilworth Science and Technology Academy, we're acutely aware of the educational challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. To address learning losses, we've conducted comprehensive assessments to pinpoint academic gaps and have swiftly integrated tailored interventions. By blending traditional teaching with enhanced digital platforms and offering personalized tutoring sessions, we're committed to ensuring that every student is equipped with the skills and knowledge they need in STEM and Computer Science, preparing them for a brighter, tech-savvy future in a post-pandemic world.

Parent Network

Kenilworth Science and Technology Academy has been a proud choice for parents in Baton Rouge since 2009. Focusing on STEM and Computer Science, we are preparing our students for the 21st century in a student-focused, friendly environment.

School Details

Computer Science and STEM focused Curriculum
Life Skills
Positive Behavior Support
Strong English Language Learner Support
Special Education Programming
Sports (Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Track, Dance, Cheerleading)
Student Support Services
School Uniform Required
Supervised Care Before and After School Provided
Free transportation is provided
Average class size is 27 students with a 1:10 teacher/student ratio.

Kenilworth Science and Technology School is prepared to achieve exceptional academic and cultural outcomes for all students and subgroups by utilizing high-quality, Tier 1 curriculums, culturally responsive practices, support services, including a comprehensive special education and English learner team, and continuous parental & community involvement and engagement.

Our increasingly technical workplaces require a highly trained workforce, and because of that STEM and Computer Science  training has to start with our schools. Kenilworth’s STEM program gets students excited about science, technology, engineering and math so those students can have success in high school, college and tomorrow’s workplace.

Behavior Approach: 

Character Education and Development

High Expectations

School Features and Programs:  

  • STEM and Computer Science focused education for ALL students
  • Partnership with colleges and universities: LSU STEM Pathways, Science Research Mentorship Program
  • All students can earn high school credits including Algebra I and English I
  • All students take ancillary classes including Art, Aquaponics, Computer Programming and Foreign Language

Weekly Schedule

7:30 AM to 3:10 PM - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

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