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339 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70801

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225- 810-5251

Our Mission

Helix Legal Academy empowers students through liberating and inclusive teaching practices, a deep exploration of society, and extensive analysis of the complex legal system. At Helix, we strive to develop resilient, self-motivated, civic-minded individuals, diligently engaged in their communities and committed to excellence. ‍ Helix Legal Academy empowers students through a deep understanding of the complex legal system, including civil and criminal litigation, mediation, and business transactions. Our students develop strong literacy, communication, problem-solving and advocacy skills. Helix Legal Academy offers unique pathways to opportunity that do not exist elsewhere in the city. The instructional vision of the legal academy is built around the five essential legal competencies: advocacy, argumentation, critical thinking, research, and negotiation. These competencies are reinforced throughout the school year in all subjects. This emphasis on legal competencies are in addition to, rather than in place of, the legal academy’s focus on STEAM education.

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Extracurricular Activities
Language Support
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Special Education Programming

Weekly Schedule
Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 3:30 pm

Special Education Programming
We believe the most successful interventions for students with disabilities, exceptionalities, or language barriers, employ intensive and reasonably individualized instruction, combined with careful, frequent monitoring of student progress. We also believe students who need accommodations should be in the general education classroom receiving core instruction from the subject expert teacher while at the same time receiving extra support. Full inclusion is our model.  Furthermore, we will use research-based RTI methods and strategies to determine our students’ needs.

Special Features
Helix Legal Academy is inspired and informed by the unique local assets around it. Situated in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge, the legal academy is only steps away from state and federal courthouses, dozens of law firms, the Louisiana Legislature, and City Hall and is centrally located to provide its students with real world exposure to the legal profession. While students develop key legal competencies, engage with legal professionals, and immerse themselves in all three branches of government prominent in downtown Baton Rouge, they will also have a chance to develop STEAM related skills through an elective that follows the Project Lead The Way curriculum.

Student Support Services
Partnerships with Southern University Law Center, The Louis A. Martinet Society, Attuned Educational Partners, New Schools for Baton Rouge

Behavior Approach
We believe in creating a school economy that thrives on the community.  When one community member is in error, it is our responsibility as a group to help them learn from their mistakes in order to be reflective, self-aware, and intentional about their future decisions. We tackle any consequences for actions, and move forward.  We do not believe that mistakes define anyone, and we separate the offense from the person.  In the event we are at an impasse with behavior issues, we engage the families to decide how to support that student to achieve social and emotional success.

Team Sports
Helix Legal Academy intends to offer our students opportunities to participate in a variety of sports as soon as possible. As a new school opening in Fall 2021, we look forward to building a robust sports program in collaboration with our students and parents.

Student Activities/Clubs
Mock Trial, Moot Court, Robotics Club, Beta Club

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